The Top Betting Sites in Senegal 

Senegal is one of the few African countries which has liberalised and legalised gambling activities including online gambling. This in essence has led to a mushrooming of many betting sites all of which aim at controlling a fair share of the Senegal online gambling market share. Senegalese casino players and sports punters therefore are spoiled for choice in choosing the best and most trustworthy platform to settle at. In light of this, we have decided to make the lives of casino players and sports punters easy as this comprehensive guide exposes and explores all the top betting sites in Senegal.

Players ought to note that the betting sites shared in this article have been rigorously tested and certified as safe, genuine, and trustworthy. Just to let you know, all these sites you are going to see in this article have passed the following parameters: 

  • Hold valid licenses issued by the Senegalese gaming and gambling regulators 
  • Use the industry-standard security protocols to protect the identity and data of all players 
  • Offer a wide range of top-quality betting services as well as provably fair games 
  • Offer bonuses and promotions that come with great terms
  • Only accept new player registrations from players who have attained 18 years of age
  • The sites can be accessed on both desktop and mobile platforms
  • Have a track record of offering what they say they offer. 

Rundown of the Top and Most Trustworthy Betting Sites in Senegal 

Premier Bet Senegal 

Premier Bet in recent times has risen to become one of the easily recognisable gambling brands in Africa. Players who settle at this betting site are guaranteed great value odds for all sports events. The great value odds apply both to players who place pre-match bets as well as those who place in-play bets. Apart from the great value odds, Premier Bet Senegal also has a wide coverage when it comes to the sports to support. 

In Senegal, Premier Bet has a dedicated website specifically for Senegalese players. Owing to this, several integrations are tailor-made for the locals. To put this into perspective, the site supports both English and French, supports local payment methods such as Orange Money, and accepts the local currency.

1xbet Senegal 

Not just in Senegal but in Africa as a whole, 1xbet is one of the most recognisable online gambling brands. 1xbet Senegal operates as a jack of all trades when it comes to betting services. From sports betting to casino games as well as the newly emerging crash games, 1xbet offers it all. 

It’s not just the incredible range of top-quality betting services offered at 1xbet that draws players to this betting site. Rather, players also ought to know that this gambling brand is licensed and regulated by the Senegalese National Lottery. This combined with the use of the SSL bit encryption technology guarantees optimum safety and security for all players who choose to settle at the platform.

Sunubet Senegal 

Sunubet is a Senegalese betting site that was established solely to serve the Senegalese online gambling market. The great thing about this is that most of the integrations on the site are all inspired to serve the locals with what they desire the most. Demonstrating this fact is the incorporation of local payment methods for online transactions, the support of the local Senegalese currency as well as the support of French which is largely used in the country. 

All players who choose to settle at Sunubet need not worry about anything. This is necessitated by the fact that this betting site is licensed and regulated by the National Lottery of Senegal. As such, all its operations are above board. This in turn means all the data that the player shares with the site including sensitive financial details are safe and secure. Adding to the safety and security of this site is the use of SSL bit encryption technology.

Lonase Senegal 

Lonase is just one of the few locally originating betting sites in Senegal. As this is a local betting site that was created specifically to serve the Senegalese online betting market, the betting services it offers are those that are much loved by the locals. The betting site doesn’t offer a plethora of betting services. Rather, it only offers what the locals want. 

The betting services that Lonase Bet offers are a fusion of both sports betting (and sports betting-related services) services as well as traditional casino games. Whether you regard yourself as a casino player or a sports punter, you are thus guaranteed to find betting services that suit your needs, wants, and preferences. 

Bwinners Senegal 

The brand Bwinners is quite popular in Senegal. Bwinners is popular both with online punters as well as those who frequent the Bwinners physical booths and retail outlets. The primary focus of Bwinners is on offering sports betting services. Of course, this is largely necessitated by the fact that Senegal is a country that loves sports and betting is one of the ways that Senegalese sports lovers express their love for their favourite games.

Players who choose to settle at Bwinners Senegal are guaranteed complete safety and security during their time at the platform. This is necessitated by the fact that the betting site holds a valid license issued by the Government of Senegal. Moreover, the site has an SSL Web Server certificate. This therefore means the betting site offers secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site. For the player, this is great as it means his/her personal data including financial details cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals. 

Round Up 

When looking for a top and trustworthy betting site to settle at in Senegal, players won’t go wrong when they pick one of the above listed. 

The Sign-Up /Registration Bonuses Offered at Top Betting Sites in Senegal 

If there is one thing that draws most players to betting sites, it’s the bonuses and promotions they offer. The more enticing a bonus or promotional perk, the more players flock to that betting site. In Senegal, most if not all top betting sites do offer some forms of bonuses and promotions. The most popular one is the welcome bonus which warmly welcomes all the new players. 

The welcome bonuses at Senegal’s top betting sites differ in nature. It is these differences that make one perk more appealing than the other and at the same time, it is these differences that draw some players to one casino/sportsbook and other players to another betting site. Get to learn about all the welcome bonuses offered at top betting sites in Senegal when you check out this article in full. 

1xbet Senegal 

1xbet Senegal offers a two-part welcome bonus. One part of the welcome bonus is tailor-made for casino players exclusively and the other for sports punters exclusively. The bonus for the sports punters comes in the form of a 200% first deposit match-up bonus of up to 60,000 XOF. The bonus tailor-made for casino players comes in the form of a 100% match-up bonus coupled with 150 free spins. 

Lonase Bet Senegal 

At Lonase Bet, the welcome bonus is not divided into the lines of casino players and sports punters. Rather, there is just one all-encompassing welcome bonus which is claimed once new players make their first deposit on the betting site. The welcome bonus comes in the form of a 100% first deposit match-up bonus of up to 1000 FCFA.

Premier Bet Senegal 

There are two welcome bonus packages available at Premier Bet. The first one is tailor-made for sports punters only. This comes in the form of a 100% first deposit match-up bonus of up to 75,000 FCFA. The second offer is tailor-madefor casino players only and it comes in the form of a 200% first deposit match-up bonus of up to 150,000 FCFA. Thesebonus funds can be used to wager on any online slot of the player’s choice.

Bwinners Senegal 

All new players at Bwinners who deposit funds for the first time will receive a 100% first deposit match-up bonus to be used in placing bets on any betting service of their choice.

Bet365 Senegal 

The welcome bonus offered at Bet365 Senegal is offered as a free bet. To claim this bonus, players need to complete the account registration process, validate their account by completing the KYC process, and proceed to make a first deposit of at least 3,500 XOF. With the free bet, players can bet on any sport of their choice and they stand a chance of winning a maximum payout of 73,000 XOF!

Round Up 

As can be seen above, Senegal is home to some incredible betting sites that offer some mammoth and highly rewarding bonuses and promotions. If you love what you have just read, there is nothing that stops you from opening accounts at all the above-listed betting sites hence claiming all the associated welcome bonuses!

Most Popular Deposit Methods for Betting Sites in Senegal 

Online gambling is a huge industry in Senegal. A huge proportion of the country’s population especially the youth and the middle aged engage in different types of online gambling. To ensure that all these bettors have a great time doing what they love the most, several payment providers have availed themselves to act as payment gateways between betting sites and casino players/sports punters. In this article, we are going to expose and explore the most popular payment methods used by Senegalese casino players and sports punters to deposit funds at betting sites. 

Before we go into the finer details, players need to note that the banking methods to be exposed in this article entail both local as well as international payment providers. This is necessitated by the fact that the top betting sites operating in the country accept a varied range of banking methods which include the local ones and the international ones.

The Most Popular Banking Methods in Senegal 

Orange Money 

Orange Money is arguably the most popular of all deposit banking methods in Senegal. This method is found at most if not all betting sites. Integrated on most betting sites, Orange Money gives players the chance to seamlessly transfer funds from their mobile wallets to their casino accounts almost instantly. Thanks to Orange Money’s wide reach in Senegal, almost all players in the country have access to this payment method. 

Free Money 

Just like Orange Money, Free Money is a mobile money service that is highly popular in Senegal. It is this popularity of Free Money that makes it a popular deposit banking method for betting sites in Senegal. Free Money is a product of FREE, Senegal’s second-largest mobile network operator. Thanks to its ability to process money transfers seamlessly and instantly, Free Money is just the right gateway to use for players who want to load funds into their accounts and proceed to place bets almost instantly. 

Wizall Money 

Wizall Money is a Senegal-based mobile wallet provider. The Wizall Money mobile wallet can be funded in various ways. Users can choose to cash in funds into their wallet when they visit the Wizall Money retail booths or they can simply receive electronic funds from other Wizall Money users. In recent times, it also became possible for those in the diaspora to load funds in the Wizall mobile wallets of their loved ones back home. This ability to seamlessly transfer funds from one account to the other with ease is the reason why many casino players and sports punters see it fit to use Wizall Money. 


Wari is a financial service that facilitates transfers both within and beyond the Senegalese borders. Wari is one of the longest-serving financial services companies in Senegal. The beauty of Wari is that it facilitates transfers beyond borders hence the locals who receive funds from abroad from their friends or family members can simply transfer the funds to their casino wallets without having to withdraw hard cash in the process encountering some exorbitant charges. 


Proximo is another of Senegal’s money transfer services accepting transfers from both within and beyond the Senegalese borders. While this payment method is used at some betting sites, it’s not widely used as is the case with the other methods outlined above.


Among the international payment methods, it’s Visa which leads the line. Players who have access to international Visa cards can simply load funds into their casino wallets when they link their card to their casino wallet. Those who use this method for deposits also tend to use it for withdrawals. 


MasterCard is also one of the most used payment methods when it comes to international payment gateways. Whether it’s a credit or debit card, players just need to link their MasterCard with their casino wallet and they are good to go. 


On the international payments front, Skrill is another hugely popular deposit banking method used at Senegal betting sites. This method is largely used by players who prefer not to divulge and share their banking/card details with the casino. Skrill enables players to link their bank account/card with their Skrill account. Once done, funds can then be transferred from one’s Skrill account using a username to the casino wallet instead of using bank/card details. 


Digital currencies are also supported at some Senegal betting sites. A case in point is that of 1xbet. All the top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum,, as well as Dogecoin are supported. 

Round Up 

As is revealed in this article, Senegalese casino players and sports punters are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the desirable banking methods to use for deposits at all the top betting sites. Players can go for either local payment methods or international payment methods.